Kevin O’Neill’s Earliest Work Collected At Last In ‘Cosmic Comics’

by Richard Bruton

The 2000AD archive is vast and, when combined with the material in Rebellion’s Treasury of British Comics archive, it makes up an incredible repository of some of the best of British comics.

Now, the Treasury of British Comics are teaming up with Hibernia Comics, to bring you some of the earliest work from Kevin O’Neill, legendary artist of Nemesis, Marshal Law, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and so much more. Available right now… it’s Cosmic Comics!

So, right now, Hibernia and the Treasury have released Cosmic Comics, a collection of some of his earliest work, for titles such as 2000 AD, Lion, Tornado, and Starlord.

Whether it’s early Future Shocks and 2000 AD covers, humour strips like Captain Klep and Dash Decent, ads, special features, you’re going to find it all and more inside

O’Neill’s work is truly original, the only art ever to be just too much for the Comics Code just for the style alone, and he’s been around British comics for a long time. So, getting the chance to see some of his rare, original material, collected together from many different sources in this one book is a real treat.

When talking of Cosmic Comics, David McDonald from Hibernia Comics had this to say…

After years of telling everyone how fantastic British comics are it was great to see the Fleetway archive find a new home at The Treasury of British Comics. The Treasury of British Comics allowed us to delve into their archives, and we have brought what Hibernia is known for – quality reproduction, excellent restoration and great comics! Richard Pearce, Hibernia’s designer, has really hit this one out of the park, bringing poorly-printed newsprint back to life in a superbly-designed package.

And, looking at the example below, of the original Captain Klep strip versus the restored version, you can definitely see the care and attention that’s gone into Cosmic Comics.

Cosmic Comics by Kevin O’Neill is available only from Hibernia at their online store – right here.

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