Brooklyn Nine Nine 6.15: Not Everyone’s Happy With Gina’s Return

by Gary Catig

The episode begins with a commercial. Since Gina’s left the Nine-Nine, she’s become an international sensation as an internet life guru. Her followers are known as the G-Hive. She’s celebrating her 1 millionth subscriber and created the ad to celebrate the accomplishment and express her gratitude to her supporters.

[*Spoilers For 6.15 Ahead!]

While Gina gained success in her new field, she neglected her friends at the precinct. She’s totally ghosted everyone so it’s surprising when she invites Jake and Terry over out of the blue. She has ulterior motives and needs police protection at her first speaking engagement. With a higher profile, there have been threats against her life. Despite needing help, Gina still blows off her friends in favor of her new career. She stands up the two officers for drinks at Shaw’s and the sergeant is having strong feelings of déjà vu. He had an old college football buddy, Bryant Ungerbert, who changed after he turned pro.

The next day, Peralta and Jeffords meet their old coworker at her speaking venue and tell her another internet star, Marvin Lennox, is the source of the online threats. Gina is not worried he’ll act on it because Lennox is an inspirational baker. Jake stays vigilant and saves his best friend from a heavy falling object. Officers from the protective detail apprehend Lennox and the three celebrate solving the case. Later, Jake becomes hurt when he overhears Gina on the phone and learns the reason she bailed on them the previous night.

The two go outside to argue and as Jake walks away in disgust, Gina is stabbed in the shoulder by an unknown assailant. Terry chases after the attacker while the two friends hash out their issues waiting for the ambulance. The perpetrator, who is a spurned ex-lover of a G-Hive member, is eventually caught. The friends grab that drink at Shaw’s where Jake and Gina arrange a reunion between the sergeant and Ungerbert.

Elsewhere, Holt thinks Boyle’s son is a genius and wants to take an active role developing the child’s talent. He doesn’t think Charles would do an adequate job unlocking the kid’s potential. The captain becomes ashamed when he realizes Nikolaj didn’t solve a complex equation on purpose but was really doodling. He apologizes to Charles for belittling him and expresses admiration for his officer’s fathering skills.

At the same time, Rosa shows up to work with both hands bandaged after touching poison oak. She refuses any help despite being severely limited without her hands. Afterwards, she finds herself stuck in a supply closet and is too proud to ask Amy for assistance. She finally breaks down and calls for Santiago but after watching Rosa struggle with turning the knob but not giving up, Amy instead motivates Diaz into freeing herself.

This was one of the best episodes of the season. Despite leaving earlier, Gina makes her return to the show in the most Gina way possible. It was good to see her and now she can join the long list of great recurring guest roles like the Vulture, Doug Judy and Adrian Pimento. Both Chelsea Peretti and Stephanie Beatriz pulled off great feats of physical comedy while stabbed in the back and having wrapped hands respectively. Plus, the writing was so sharp that I couldn’t include all the lines I enjoyed. All three plots clicked with every cast member given a memorable moment and they successfully packed so much story into a 22-minute episode.

My Favorite Lines:

Gina: Over one million people are living their lives according to the Gina-mandments. They’re like the Ten Commandments except there’s more and they’re better.

Amy: Not to brag but at typing camp everyone called me the “Finger Queen”. Oh my god, that sounds really dirty. I swear that’s not what it meant.

Terry: No. He got drafted into the Canadian Football League, became a long snapper for Ottawa and even that level of success ruined our friendship.

Jake: He’s still playing? How is that possible. You’re 35 to 60 years old.

Terry: It’s Canada. They don’t tackle as hard.

Holt: My father never saw my potential. In grade school I wanted to spend all my free time drawing graphs and charts but he insisted I play basketball. As if I care about slam dunking a three-pointer. Don’t be my father, Boyle!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9:00 pm on NBC.

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