Electronic Arts’ Games Subscription ‘EA Access’ Comes To PS4 This July

by Sage Ashford

Publisher Electronic Arts has announced that their games subscription service “EA Access” is coming to PlayStation 4 later this July.  Active since 2014, the service had been exclusive to Xbox One owners until three years ago, when they rolled it out to PC gamers with Origin Access, and upgraded it to Origin Access Premiere two years later in 2018.
The key feature to EA Access involves granting subscribers access to EA’s robust library of existing titles.  However, much like the Xbox One version, PS4’s EA Access will allow subscribers a chance to play new games a week before they release for a limited time, with their saves transferring over if they decide to purchase the title.  The service also grants players a 10% discount on any EA purchase made digitally, from entire games to season passes or DLC.
While owners of EA Access on Xbox One will likely have a larger library available to them thanks to the system being backwards compatible, the EA Access home page indicates PlayStation 4 subscribers will have no shortage of games to play, including newer releases like Anthem and Apex Legends, their sports titles like FIFA, NHL, NBA Live and Madden, plus smaller titles like Unravel 2 and A Way Out.
Currently, EA Access will run PS4 players $4.99 a month, or $29.99 a year. Though we have no specific date for when the service will be available, E3 isn’t very far off.

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