Valiant’s Doctor Mirage Returns In Her Own Series By Visaggio, Robles, & Bellaire This August

by Tony Thornley

Shan Fong, AKA Doctor Mirage, has been a beloved character in the Valiant Universe for years. However, since 2016 she hasn’t had her own series. However, that changes this August!

Fan favorite creators Mags Visaggio, Nick Robles, Jordie Bellaire and Dave Sharpe launch Doctor Mirage this August. It puts Shan face to face with a terrifying new mystery. Once she stops hearing the voices of ghosts, she wonders – is she dead and doesn’t realize it?

Promo art by Philip Tan & Jay David Ramos

“We’re going to visit the parts of Hell even the devil is afraid to go,” Visaggio teased. “I get to tell a story about someone in her own personal year zero, rebuilding her life from its literal wreckage. I’ve been dying to write Doctor Mirage, she’s a really fascinating character, existing on the edges of a vast and undefined magical universe.”

“The genre offers a lot of chances to play with texture, patterns, and things that depict magical and ethereal subjects in fun ways,” Robles said. “It really opens the door to crawl out of the box of rules and forge some interesting visuals. I’m having a lot of fun with ways to push and pull this wonderfully weird comic that we’re creating.”

Watch for more information about the series as it comes, but for now, check out a 6 page preview of the first issue below!

Pick up Doctor Mirage #1 in stores August 2019 from Valiant Entertainment!

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