Source Point Press Debuts Coming-Of-Age Murder Mystery, Dead End Kids This July

by James Ferguson

When I had my high school reunion, friends and I reminisced about good times like trips to the movies, the mall, and more. Somehow, I think the folks in Dead End Kids will have some very different conversations. Described as a “coming-of-age murder mystery,” the three-issue mini-series from Source Point Press is set to begin in July. It comes from Frank Gogol, Nenad Cviticanin, and Sean Rinehart, the same creative team behind the anthology, Grief.

Frank Gogol says:

This story is about the very real traumas of childhood. It’s about four messed up kids with traumatic home lives and the stability they find in their friendships and what happens when that stability is torn away because one of them is murdered.

Dead End Kids is set in the late ’90s where Murphy, Amanda, and Tank are trying to solve their friend Ben’s murder while trying to not get killed themselves. This book is not to be confused with something like The Hardy Boys. There’s a good chance they won’t all make it out alive.

Gogol adds:

Time last year, I got really nostalgic for my childhood. Those simpler days playing outside with my friends and building forts in the woods. But then I started to remember everything else. The problems at home. My friends problems at home. We romanticize the past as being simpler, but I don’t know that it really was. I think about the things 13-year-old me lived through and there was nothing simple or easy about my childhood, and I think that’s the truth for a lot of people.

I’ve been following Gogol’s work since he launched the Kickstarter campaign for Grief. He’s a rather driven creator so it’s been impressive watching him continue to grow and expand into new areas.

Dead End Kids #1 is set for release on Wednesday, July 24th. The final order cutoff date for comic shops is Monday, July 1st. It will also be available digitally through ComiXology, Spinwhiz Comics, and DriveThru Comics.

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