Test: New Cyberpunk Sci-Fi From Vault Comics

by Richard Bruton

Out in June from Vault Comics, Test is looking like a fine sci-fi fantasy comic, cyberpunk ideas in a town out of time, full of mysterious test subjects looking for freedom who may just find it in the most unlikely of places.

TEST Issue 1 cover by Jen Hickman

Test asks questions… in a world moving forward all the time, what body-mods would you look at? What would you sacrifice for new tech? How much of yourself would you lose? We’re in the world of fingertip magnets, LED tattoos, forearm electrode sensor grids, and so much more.

Into this world, we’re riding along with Aleph Null, a pro bodyhacker who knows she’s living a life with a limit. She knows that pro bodyhackers have messed with their bodies at a cost, that they’re always at risk of breakdown or total system failure, hostages to the corporation owned tech they choose to fill their bodies with. Aleph knows all this and decides to do something about it, to run to her last chance, to run to Laurelwood, a secret test market town that could have the tech to turn her life around. But, with so much corporate tech inside her, what lengths will these corporations go to in their attempts to reclaim what they think is theirs?

And just in case all that didn’t give you a taste of what Test is all about, Vault Comics are releasing it with a Vault Vintage variant cover by Nathan Gooden and Tim Daniel that pays fabulous homage to the incredible Transmetropolitan, by Warren Ellis & Darick Robertson. We’re definitely in full-on cyberpunk sci-fi territory here with Test.

Vault Comics describes Test:

Aleph Null is a lot of things: An orphan, a human guinea pig undergoing medical tests for cash, a bodyhacker, a hardcore future junkie, and a corporate asset. But now, Aleph is on the run from their old life, in search of a mythical, Midwestern town named Laurelwood—where they’re test-marketing the future with tech that can’t possibly exist yet, and won’t for decades.

TEST Issue 1 is released on 26 June from Vault Comics. TEST is written by Chris Sebela, art by Jen Hickman, colors by Harry Saxon, letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

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