A Deadly Standoff Unfolds In Spencer & Locke 2 #4 First Look

by James Ferguson

It’s hard to believe that Spencer & Locke 2 just started and we’re already looking to the end of the four-issue mini-series, but publisher Action Lab: Danger Zone has shared an early preview of the last issue. Roach Riley has gone on a rampage leading to a deadly standoff with Spencer and Locke. Who will win? And at what cost?

This series from writer David Pepose, artist Jorge Santiago Jr, colorist Jasen Smith, and letterer Colin Bell, follows the title characters, a detective and stuffed animal panther / imaginary friend. The merciless Roach Riley has been terrorizing the city and it’s up to Spencer & Locke to put him down for good.
Spencer & Locke 2 #4 will feature covers by Jorge Santiago Jr, Maan House, and Joe Mulvey. It’s set for release in July 2019.

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