Things Get Dire In Infinite Dark #6

by Tony Thornley

The first volume of Infinite Dark ended its dire story with a surprisingly hopeful twist. However, the team didn’t completely transform the entire premise in the story in the new arc, leaving the crew of the Orpheus with a very different horror facing them.

Cover by Nick Robles

Ryan Cady, Andrea Mutti, K. Michael Russell, and Troy Peteri escalate things on the Orpheus in this issue.

Deva is imprisoned in the brig as the disciples of Entropy- the ghosts of four experiment subjects now corrupted by the horrific cosmic being- begin to cause chaos across the Orpheus. Meanwhile the crew has to make a decision that could either doom or save them all. Can the station survive and save humanity?

Cady makes a smart move in this new arc, replacing the cosmic dread of an impending end with something that’s much more relatable- fear of the unknown. He also incorporates and fleshes out the cast outside of Deva, which is really to the book’s benefit. The story doesn’t pull away from the hope of the previous arc’s ending, showing that something potentially good happening doesn’t solve everything.

Mutti has made changes in his style that fits the shift in story. He focuses on the characters, with quite a bit more detail that gives the reader a lot of insight into their inner lives. Russell’s colors are very thoughtful, using the color and quality of light in the station to help Mutti set the tone, but also show off the different functional areas of the station. Then when things go to hell, they both shift, with the line work becoming looser and the colors filling with reds, adding to the frantic horror of Cady’s story.

This book is definitely a bit of a sleeper, but it’s worth picking up every month.

Infinite Dark #6 is available now from Top Cow Productions/Image Comics.

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