Where Has Chet Charles Been All This Time? By Night #11 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Barney prepares for a possible attack on the Eidolon while Chip continues to survive the Charlesco Board of Trustees meeting. In the Otherworld, Heather, Jane, and Gardt have just found Chet Charles himself. He explains what happened since he left for the Otherworld, what he’s done since, and how he wound up inside the mountain-god, Eucchurus. Chet Charles has been irrevocably changed by the Otherworld.

By Night #11 cover by Christine Larsen
By Night #11 cover by Christine Larsen

By Night #11 finally shows Chet Charles to us and gives us a thorough explanation of his activities in the Otherworld.
What starts off as an endearing and even altruistic excursion to save the general who was stranded in the Otherworld turns into a somewhat gruesome revenge tale that gradually shows how the Chet Charles we see now is far from the same man who first crossed through the Eidolon.
It’s a thoroughly compelling story, even if it has some fairly simplistic elements to leave it accessible to the child audience of the BOOM! Box imprint. It also has a few laughs spread throughout thanks to the reactions of Heather and Jane.
The ending is surprisingly ominous, and it leaves the reader hyped for the conclusion to this maxiseries.
Gardt makes a surprising choice that gives him a good turn for the final issue as well.
By Night #11 art by Christine Larsen, Sarah Stern, and letterer Jim Campbell
By Night #11 art by Christine Larsen, Sarah Stern, and letterer Jim Campbell

Christine Larsen once again provides an impeccable treatment to By Night, taking advantage of the anarchic and fantastical setting of the Otherworld. On top of that, characters continue to be animated and expressive, making sure each page has plenty of life to it. Sarah Stern’s color palette is lively and wild throughout as well, which does wonders for the comic too.
By Night #11 gives compelling backstory for the Otherworld and Chet Charles which leaves the comic at a high point for the final issue. I’m left wondering how this comic will end and excited to see it transpire. This one gets a recommendation; check it out.
By Night #11 comes to us from writer John Allison, artist and cover artist Christine Larsen, color artist and variant cover artist Sarah Stern, and letterer Jim Campbell.

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