Liar, Liar: Preview This Week’s Teen Titans #24

by Olly MacNamee

With the recent Teen Titans/Deathsroke cross-over all but done, there’s always an epilogue, and this week Teen Titans #31 has it. That, and Lobo! What more do you need from a comic, right? Check out the preview by Teen Titans dream team of Adam Glass, Bernard Chang, Marcelo Maiolo and Rob Leigh.

“The Terminus Agenda” epilogue! Every decision has consequences, and after the shocking events of Deathstroke #43 (trust us, you don’t want to miss it!) it’s time for Damian and the rest of the Teen Titans to take stock of what they’ve done. But the team barely has time to process before a new threat emerges in the form of Crush’s absentee father…Lobo!

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