‘Rocket Arena’ Brings Unique Smash Bros Twist To FPS Combat

by Sage Ashford

Nexon America and Final Strike Games have revealed their new game Rocket Arena, a new game launching for the Xbox One and PC.  Described by their website as a game where the battle is won “won not by putting enemies into the dirt, but to send them blasting off into the sky”, each character is given a rocket/bomb related arsenal, and will be able to unleash them on their opponents.  Much like Smash Bros, the way to win is to blast the enemy entirely out of the arena.

As it stands, there are currently six characters and six arenas for players to choose from, though it’s likely more of both will be added over time. There will also be four different gameplay modes, including the basic Knockout, the “zone control” based Mega Rocket, a co-op horde mode “RocketBot Attack”, and a soccer-esque spin-off known as “Rocketball”.

The closed beta for Rocket Arena will occur over three different periods–two twelve hour periods on Thursday, May 23rd and Friday, May 24th, and a third four-day beta going from Saturday, May 25th to Wednesday May, 29th.  Currently, no official release date is available for the open beta or actual release of the title. Additionally, a PlayStation 4 is in development, though no further information was given.

Players can sign up for the closed beta here.

Sage Ashford

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