Saffron Returns With A Plan In Firefly: The Sting OGN

by James Ferguson

When Boom! Studios scooped up the Firefly license, they were not kidding when they said they were going to be releasing a bunch of new books. The publisher already has a solid ongoing series, a one-shot, a collection of older material, and a nice showing for Free Comic Book Day. Now we go bigger as Boom! has announced Firefly: The Sting, a new original graphic novel from writer Delilah S. Dawson and artists Pius Bak and Rodrigo Lorenzo that unites the women of Firefly for the ultimate heist.

Writer Delilah S. Dawson says:

 ‘A him gets noticed, a her gets ignored.’ That’s the quote from Ocean’s 8 that really captured my imagination. I love that idea—that women can use our occasional invisibility as a superpower. I’ve been a Firefly fan since I saw Serenity in the theater in 2005 and rushed out to buy the DVD set that night, and it’s been a pure joy cracking open each of these unique, powerful women to see what she desires, what she fears, and how far her loyalty to Mal can stretch. Have you ever wondered what Zoë, Kaylee, Inara, and River would do without a single man in the picture? Thanks to Saffron’s wiles (and threats), you’re about to find out.

Firefly: The Heist features the return of Saffron, the enigmatic, fan-favorite rogue who managed to woo Captain Malcolm Reynolds. She’s back on Serenity, but this time she’s not looking for Mal. She wants to recruit the other women on the crew for a heist with some personal stakes for all involved. Zoe, Inara, Kaylee, and River join forces with Saffron to pull off the greatest theft in the ‘verse. This will obviously go completely as planned.

Artist Pius Bak adds:

I’m excited to work with Delilah S. Dawson and Rodrigo Lorenzo on this fun, new story within the Firefly universe, tackling the different elements of a Western and a heist all in one book.

I am of the opinion that more Firefly is always a good thing so I’m all in for this OGN. The beauty of this franchise is that there is a never-ending fodder for new and interesting stories. We only scratched the surface in the TV show and now these comics allow us to explore so much more.

Artist Rodrigo Lorenzo says:

As science fiction lover, I feel honored to have the chance to be involved with this project. I am really happy with the idea of getting deep into this genre, and I hope to show the strong passion I have always had for this universe.

Firefly: The Sting will feature a main cover by Marco D’Alfonso.

Chris Rosa, Editor at Boom! Studios adds:

The galaxy is definitely not ready for the combined powers of all the Firefly women. The Sting brings fans’ favorite butt-kicking heroes and foes together in an exciting, never-before-seen combination where everyone’s looking for a big score but for very different reasons. Delilah, Pius, and Rodrigo bring the adventure and thrills of an intricately planned heist to life with this mix of beloved characters and larger-than-life action.

Firefly: The Sting will be available at local comic shops on November 13th, 2019 and at book stores and Amazon on November 19th, 2019.

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