Good Is Bad And Bad Is Good, But Darkseid Is, In Justice League #24

by Olly MacNamee

In this week’s Justice League #24 Darkseid is…the leader of the the future Sixth Dimension’s Legion of Doom who seems, from the looks of them, like they’ve seen a lot of action and a few too many battles. And not won too many either judging by their rag-tag appearance. And with Lois Lane in full charge of Apocalypse – now a super-prison for super-folk not down with the new world order – alongside a jaded Jimmy Olsen, it’s hard to know what’s up and what’s down as we race towards the finishing line of this current cosmos-shaking chronicle. 

Meanwhile, Batman seem to have taken up the offer of the World Forger that will see in a new multiverse, but at a huge price. If this shiny, bright future is to come into being, Batman must be the one who pulls the trigger. And we know he doesn’t like guns, so I haven’t given up on him yet. It may feel like a pre-determined choice which will bring about this seemingly idyllic future, but I have a feeling even Batman isn’t so naive, or egotistic, that he’s willing to pay such a huge price. But, we’ll have to wait the next issue to find out for sure. 
For now though, sit back and enjoy the ride. A ride that is building and building to an all-out Battle Royale with their future selves and one new player who could make all the difference between success or defeat. Energetically and beautifully illustrated by Jorge Jimenez with Alejandro Sanchez’s carefully coordinated colours adding the appropriate tones and textures and tonal shifts between scenes throughout this comic book. The brightness of recent issues – offering a false glow to this future timeline – have all but disappeared as the darkness of the situation enveloped the closing chapters of this book. But, fear not, you won’t be peering through squinted eyes to catch the action – this ain’t Games of Thrones – but rather the changes in colour, and the additional mirky textures Jimenez brings to his figure drawing all act as subtle indicators of what’s coming next.

What I found the most fascinating of characters is Darkseid, who is so far removed from the all-powerful dictator of The New Gods it’s somewhat shocking, but welcoming. I liked this new, more down-to-New Earth member of the Legion of Doom. Whatever occurred to him in this rendition of the DCU, I’d love to know more. He’s never been more human, and never been one for heroism. There’s a whole story there for another day, I just hope sender tell it in time. But for now, let’s focus on the forthcoming showdown and what will emerge from the smoke of battle. here’s to the next issue!
Justice League #24 is available now from DC Comics.

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