Alpha-1 Reveals His True Intentions In Go Go Power Rangers #20

by James Ferguson

Goldar and Rita’s minions have descended upon the Angel Grove Youth Center in search of the Power Rangers. She intends to capture one in an effort to unlock the Green Power Coin. Of course, they’re not going to stand by and let this happen and neither is Alpha-1. This old robot has a few tricks up its sleeve and he’s about to reveal his true colors.

As compelling as Alpha-1’s nefarious plans have been, that’s only part of the drama at work in Go Go Power Rangers #20. Writer Ryan Parrott continues to pack this comic with great character moments, even in the heat of battle. For example, as Kimberly squares off against a few of the bad guys under the guise of the Pink Ranger, her ex-boyfriend Matt thanks her and pays her a compliment. This brings back so many memories shared between the two and only one of them is really aware of it.

Artist Eleonora Carlini shows this in a beautiful image as Putties are Rangers are fighting all over the place. In the thick of battle, these two find a brief moment of peace and clarity looking into each other’s eyes. It’s like everything slows down around them to let this this sequence breathe and it’s gorgeous.

Speaking of the battle, colorist Raul Angulo makes this whole scene come alive. Even though it takes place within the confines of the Youth Center, it feels like it’s in a huge arena with the energy on display. The page practically crackles as the attacks are thrown from both sides with red glowing beams of light.

Alpha-1 represents the first real rebellion within the Power Rangers as they go against Zordon’s wishes to bring the robot into the field. It presents the Rangers with a tough, yet logical conclusion as to how to deal with their enemies. It’s kind of tough to argue with him, but it’s easy to understand how he’s in the wrong. If given some more room for debate, it would be interesting to see how the Rangers would fall on this choice.

The design for Alpha-1 is so creepy that it’s no wonder that he’s a bad guy. Granted, we knew some of his true intentions for a bit so it’s not surprising that he’s taken this heel turn. He has a menacing glare with sharp teeth and glowing red eyes. He’s like a robot ripped right out of a horror movie.

Even his speech is presented in an unsettling fashion. Letterer Ed Dukeshire uses a robotic font in blocky rectangular word balloons to present Alpha-1’s dialogue. This drives home the emotionless quality of his words, like he could kill you just as soon as look at you.

The threat of Alpha-1 has been looming for a little while. It feels like he could have been pulling strings in the background for a bit longer before making his move so this comes across as somewhat rushed, but still very enjoyable. It could be clearing the way for the next big storyline. The anticipation for the Green Ranger’s arrival is steadily building and I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

Go Go Power Rangers #20 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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