2000 AD Sci-Fi Special Cover Reveal – McMahon’s Tribute To Ezquerra

by Richard Bruton

The loss of Carlos Ezquerra in 2018 was a huge blow to both the world of comics and to his legions of fans at 2000 AD, readers and creators alike.

This years’ 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special, out on 19 June, will be a very special celebration and tribute to Ezquerra. And this week, we saw the very special cover for this very special Sci-Fi Special from one of Ezquerra’s contemporaries at 2000 AD, the wonderful Mick McMahon.

McMahon’s cover features just four of Ezquerra’s famous creations; Judge Dredd, Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer of Stontium Dog, and the Fiend of the Eastern Front, Constanta.

Inside the 2019 Sci-Fi Special, we’ll see these and more, in a fitting tribute to Ezquerra that will include the first two completed chapters of the project that Ezquerra was working on, with John Wagner, at the time of his far too early death, the adventures of the android cop, Spector.

Other strips include Alan Grant and Robin Smith on Judge Dredd in ‘Night at the Museum’; Guy Adams and Dave Kendall revealing an untold story of Romanian vampire soldiers the Fiends of the Eastern Front in ‘Strange Meeting’; and Viking Wulf Sternhammer coming to terms with life in the future in ‘Valhalla’ by Michael Carroll and Patrick Goddard.

We lost Carlos far, far too early, but it’s safe to say that his legacy, as one of the most important artists of 2000 AD’s long history will continue and thrive.

The 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special is released on 19 June, more information and previews to come in the next few weeks.

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