Over The Garden Wall Takes To The Stage With ‘Soulful Symphonies’ Mini-Series

by James Ferguson

The Cartoon Network animated series Over the Garden Wall is getting into theater with a new five-issue mini-series from Boom! Studios this August. The publisher has announced Over the Garden Wall: Soulful Symphonies from writer Birdie Willis and artist Rowan MacColl. The series follows Greg, Wirt, and Beatrice as they wander into a theater town and take center stage in a play that might not go the way they expect.

Writer Birdie Willis says:

The thing I liked best about writing this particular Over the Garden Wall story is that it speaks to my inner nerdy theater kid. Certain elements of the show remind me of a play – narration, songs, opening and closing title cards like curtains – what better way to celebrate than to put Wirt and Greg and Beatrice in a theatrical setting?

Over the Garden Wall: Soulful Symphonies has Greg, Wirt, and Beatrice taking a breaking from the danger and excitement of their journeys through The Unknown in a quaint little town full of theaters and stages. The strange thing is there are no players or musicians so it’s super quiet…maybe too quiet. A charming young woman offers Greg and Wirt the roles of a lifetime in the play at her family theater along with a place to stay. The identity of the three stage sisters running the show is an added mystery. Things get curiouser and curiouser.

Artist Rowan MacColl adds:

When I was younger, I was a big nerd that loved listening to show tunes while drawing my comics. Working on Soulful Symphonies has been such a fun experience because of this: I get to combine my esoteric love of musicals and comics in one joyful medley that I can’t wait for everyone to hear (or, uh, read).

Over the Garden Wall: Soulful Symphonies will be published through Boom! Studios KaBoom! imprint, alongside other titles geared towards middle grade and younger readers.

Matthew Levine, Editor at Boom! Studios says:

Greg and Wirt literally take center stage in this fun and frightening exploration of the highs and lows of being a performing artist. Birdie and Rowan have a lot of surprises in store for Over the Garden Wall fans and you can bet your money on some incredible song and dance numbers.

Over the Garden Wall: Soulful Symphonies #1 is scheduled for release on August 7th, 2019.

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