Mark Millar: Community Superhero

by Olly MacNamee

Mark Millar and his Netflix millions are at it again, with yet another new venture springing up in his beloved hometown of Townhead in Scotland and created as part of even bigger plans to revitalise the area.

Speaking with The Big Issue, Millar talked about the opening of a new community café this past weekend, The Rainbow Family Café where every penny of profit is funnelled back into this down-on-its-luck community which Millar hopes one day will be so enriched through the work he and his wife are doing – amongst others – that it will become a must-go area for tourists. He even hoped to premier his own films there one day. And why not?

As a community activist, now with even deeper pockets than previously, Millar said to The Big Issue:

There’s two ways you can look at something like that. One is you can kind of move out and go somewhere else or you make it better. And I think that the healthy approach is to make it better.

Choosing the latter option, Millar revealed he has a five year plan to invest and improve the area. If I was a betting man, I’d put my money on Millar succeeding. It’s not everyone who gets the chance to offer up their community a second chance and such a generous helping hand.

I loved growing up there and I only have positive memories of it but at the same time the town has suffered from problems that the west of Scotland has suffered from in the 40 years. But I think that there is something to build on and I’d rather contribute to it then help people get out of it, I’d rather it became even better.

Hats off to Millar and his team. What a great example he has set and I for one applaud this amazing, selfless endeavour.

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