The Great Gulag Escape: Preview Road Of Bones #1 From Douek, Cormack, Birch & IDW

by Olly MacNamee

Stalinist Russia must have been a pretty grim period of Russians, especially those hauled off to the infamous Gulag prison camps in Siberia. Well, this is where our story begins in this new series, Road of Bones, by Rich Douek, Alex Cormack and Justin Birch. It may look like a prison-break saga, set against the harshest of backgrounds, but the synopsis for the series seems to suggest something else more supernatural is afoot. Something – or someone – straight out of Russia’s rich and vibrant folklore of yesteryear. Intrigued? Well, check out our preview and decide for yourselves. Out this week from IDW.

In 1953, the Siberian Gulag of Kolyma is hell on Earth—which is why Roman Morozov leaps at the chance to escape it. But even if they make it out, Roman and his fellow escapees still have hundreds of miles of frozen tundra between them and freedom. With the help of a mysterious being straight out of his childhood fairy tale stories, Roman just might make it—or is the being simply a manifestation of his brutal circumstances driving him insane?

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