Summer Gets Her Time To Shine In Dial H For Hero #3

by Tony Thornley

Dial H For Hero has one of the oldest mythologies in the DC Universe, stretching back to 1966. That means there’s a lot for this series to mine, and now that we’re deep into Miguel and Summer’s story, that’s exactly what this issue does.

Sam Humphries, Joe Quinones, Arist Deyn, Jordan Gibson, and Dave Sharpe give Summer time to shine as we learn more about some of the larger mythology of the H-Dial.

Miguel and Summer are in Central City trying to track down Officer Benson, the CCPD cop who stole the Dial last issue. They don’t have to find her though when she uses the Dial to transform into the Bluebird of Happiness. When the heroine knocks out Miguel, it’s up to Summer to save the day!

Humphries has established a formula, but uses it to blow open both character possibilities and mythological worldbuilding. He gives Summer some much needed back story, and he adds tragedy and pathos to her without leaning into cliches such as daddy issues or sexual abuse. Through that, he tells a fun action story that’s extremely unconventional (with a Vertigo protagonist fighting a Tank Girl pastiche) and full of nods to the concept’s long history.

Quinones is still an absolute rock star in this issue. In the fight between the Bluebird and Summer’s LoLo Kick You, he ably blends two styles of art- one part Mark Buckingham, one part Jim Mahfood- into a surreal but exciting showdown. Gibson’s colors are full of depth and help flesh out everything happening around Summer. Deyn steps in for several pages chronicling Summer’s past, and is able to establish the emotional depth of her past in an extremely limited space.

Things are getting tense for Summer and Miguel, but this adventure is just getting more and more exciting for us readers.

Dial H For Hero #3 is available now from DC Comics.

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