Things To Consider About The Next Live Action Version Of Renee Montoya

by Benjamin Hall

(**Spoilers for various comics including Gotham Central [2002-2006] and 52 [2006-2007]. There is also a link to a 2018 article from The Wrap written by Umberto Gonzalez.)

Renee Maria Montoya most often appears as a supporting character in the Batman mythos. She originates from Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995) and first appears in comic form in Batman #475 (1992). Most of her appearances in any form of media have her as a member of the Gotham City police department (Gotham Central and Gotham [2014-2019]). Though she has several adventures as the second character to take on the moniker and costume of The Question (52 and The Question: The Five Books of Blood [2008]) While she appears in multiple media formats she is limited in live actions depictions (Batman: The Telltale Series [2016]; Gotham).

Panel from 52 #4 (2006) Writing by Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, & Geoff Johns; Pencils by Keith Giffen and Joe Bennett; Inks by Jack Jadson; Letters by Rob Leigh; Colors by Alex Sinclair

The first live action adaptation of Montoya is in the television show Gotham with actress Victoria Luz Cartagena portraying the character. Cartagena’s portrayal of Montoya in Gotham does not get a lot of development due to being in only one season of the show. However, The second live action appearance of the character is set to happen in the upcoming movie Birds Of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn [2020]). This second depiction will have Rosie Maria Perez taking on the role. Depending on the movie’s box office and audience reception Perez may get more chances at screen time than her predecessor.

Yet, there are other things to consider than just the character possibly being exposed to a wider audience. One such consideration is: what kind of characterization we will get from the role? For instance, will she be an “out” lesbian or still in the closet? Maybe she will also assume The Question persona at times in the movie? Heck, Perez is in her 50s, and this is set in the same universe as Justice League (2017), so this Montoya could be a contemporary of Ben Affleck’s Batman. No matter how well, or awful, the movie may turn out, this should be an interesting depiction of Montoya. 

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