Captain Marvel Soars In New Marvel Action Series From IDW Publishing

by James Ferguson

IDW Publishing is expanding its line of Marvel Action comics aimed at middle grade readers with Captain Marvel this August. Writer Sam Maggs, artist Sweeney Boo, and colorist Brittany Peer tell a story of a quiet night for Carol Danvers with BFF Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) that takes a catastrophic turn when Manhattan’s bodegas are suddenly overrun by a host of angry cats. These aren’t just any cats. They’re Flerkens! Can Captain Marvel overcome a horde of the most terrifying, pocket-dimension-holding, tentacle-devouring, kitty-look-alikes in the entire universe?

Writer Sam Maggs says:

I feel so privileged to help launch Captain Marvel’s solo title for Marvel Action, Carol has always been my favorite super hero; I love how she’s truly come into her own, culturally, and is finally being widely-recognized as the star that she is. Being able to write for Carol is the most exciting and terrifying thing that’s ever happened to me. I can’t wait to share this arc with everyone!

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 will feature a regular cover by Sweeney Boo and a special retailer incentive variant by Brianna Garcia.

Artist Sweeney Boo adds:

This comic is for everyone! If you have seen Captain Marvel’s movie and want more of her, and if you are a cat lover, this is definitely for you. This title has everything – it’s funny and sweet, it has powerful moments, and it’s absolute cat madness!

I will admit that I’m still a little confused as to why Marvel doesn’t publish this line of books themselves, but I’m glad that it exists. Kids love super heroes and with the immense popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s a no-brainer to have kid-friendly comics starring some of the characters from the big screen.

Assistant Editor Megan Brown says:

Working with Sam and Sweeney on a story featuring one of the most iconic super heroes of our time has been a dream. I adore Carol — she’s strong, capable, funny, and someone that anyone can look up to. In Marvel Action, we’re also highlighting the strength of her friendship with Jessica Drew, and it’s been such a positive, uplifting experience bringing this rock-solid bond between two absolutely amazing ladies to life.

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel kicks off in August.

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