Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Gets Amazing Live Action Remake In New Car Advert

by Olly MacNamee

If you grew up in the 80’s, you will probably remember this decade fondly for the cartoons it spawned, such as He-Man and The Masters of The Universe, Transformers but also, sadly, Scrappy-Doo too. It’s decade that also saw the release of the much-loved and fondly remembered cartoon Dungeons & Dragons, which ran for 3 season and a total of 27 episodes. Well, in this day and age where anything is ripe for exploitation, the plucky kids from this show have been reimagined as live action characters in a new advertisement for Renault, the car manufacturer. And, I have to davit, it looks amazing!

Including all your favourites from the Dungeon Master too the evil Venger, it’s a lavish production but very much in keeping with the original series. Except, this advert does see our brave adventurers returning to Earth; something they never achieved in the original series. A fact that still sits uncomfortably with me today. Although, there was a scripted final episode – in which Venger would have been revealed to have been the Dungeon Masters son – and for an added bonus, you can read it here. And, watch the advertisement below. Now, I wonder how long it’ll take before Hollywood sees the and realises it could make a kick-ass film?


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