X-Force #8 Comes To The Rescue

by Tony Thornley

As often as time travel is involved in X-Men stories, they actually don’t travel into the future. X-Force #8 throws the team into the far future, putting the team grossly out of their element.

Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli & Mattia Iacono

Ed Brisson, Dylan Burnett, Jesus Abuterov, and Cory Petit throw the team in the deep end.

Domino leads the team into the future, arriving just as Stryfe’s trap for Clan Askani is sprung. Meanwhile, Cable struggles to keep it together long enough to be rescued. Can X-Force save Clan Askani AND Cable?

Brisson is delivering on the potential of the title, exploiting both the cast and setting fully. The interplay between the team is authentic, strongly drawing on their history together, and their reactions to their dilemma ground the fantastic situation they’re in. Even though they’re in a far distant future we’re unlikely to see again, the stakes feel real and important for them. Stryfe is another highlight, with a depth that he’s seldom had before, but keeping his petty, jealous nature that’s so crucial to the character.

Burnett’s exaggerated style benefits the story for the most part. He has really become familiar with the characters’ body language and facial expressions. His action choreography is extremely enjoyable and easy to follow. However, his Rachel Grey is severely off model, which is distracting when she shows up. Abuterov’s colors are incredibly solid, creating the setting and establishing a somber tone.

Things are bleak for X-Force, but this is not a team that gets knocked down easily.

X-Force #8 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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