Counterfeit Girl: Preview Milligan & Dayglo’s Identity Theft Romp

by Richard Bruton

In Counterfeit Girl, out on 27 June, Peter Milligan and Rufus Dayglo, ably assisted by Dom Regan on colors, deliver a tale of identity, of always on culture, all wrapped up in a character with all the attitude of Tank Girl, racing through the pages, a mad-cap, futuristic adventure.

Welcome to the future, where the neon lit, Blade Runner-esque city is awash with mega-corps, and your every move is monitored, logged, tracked, and status-checked. You want to live in the city? You need ID. Need new ID? No questions asked? You need a ‘simmer’, ID thieves operating down in the backstreets of the city, down in ‘The Maze’

One of the best is young Libra Kelly, the counterfeit girl of the title. But, unlike other ‘simmers’, she’s working her own agenda. She’s got a habit of looking for the sort of jobs that she knows will cause trouble for the Mega-Corps in the city, and she does them free of charge.

But, if you’re making a name for yourself in this city, it’s not too long before someone notices you. Which is how Libra finds herself on the run from the Albion Corporation, a price on her head, and stuck with a bad, bad, bad I.D.

Peter Milligan and Rufus Dayglo’s Counterfeit Girl first appeared in 2000 AD back in 2016 (Progs 2000-2008, and 2010) and is collected here for the very first time. Inside, you’ll get a tale that races along, twists and turns, full of Milligan’s usual skills and stylings, with a thread of social commentary and dry humour running alongside the breakneck speed of the chase.

Dayglo’s artwork pops with cartoon-ish details, a natural successor to the likes of Brett Ewins and Brendan McCarthy, his panels and pages bursting with energy and action, details absolutely everywhere, no page allowed to ever look bland. Add in Dom Regan’s vibrant colouring and you have a book that looks exactly as futuristic as it should. This is a book that pops.

Here, just for you, the first chapter in the adventure, a meet and greet for the Counterfeit Girl and the start of a tale that never lets up till that final page.

Counterfeit Girl, written by Peter Milligan, art by Rufus Dayglo, colors by Dom Regan, letters by Ellie De Ville, published by 2000AD/Rebellion. Releases on 27 June.

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