Tightening The Noose In Bone Parish #9

by Brendan M. Allen
The walls continue to close in on the Winters family, as they are assaulted by foes on all sides.
Bone Parish #9 is titled “Thicker Than Water,” which is fitting, since the whole quote is, “Blood of the covenant is thicker than water of the womb.” Blood of the covenant refers to bonds made by soldiers in battle which grow stronger than familial ties (water of the womb). With the Winters clan crumbling from within, those durability of those outside bonds, all the seedy side deals and secret alliances, will determine who makes it to the other side of this thing.
Cullen Bunn is really tightening the screws in this chapter. Leticia is plotting her revenge. Grace is trying to sort Detective Herron, using the detective’s raw grief as a weapon. Brae’s foot soldiers have a lead on the whereabouts of the bootleg Ash lab. Brigitte is using her unique talents to get info, but may have pushed the envelope too far. A citywide drug war is on the horizon.
Art by Jonas Scharf and Alex Guimaraes has taken a turn. Gone are the happy, hyper-saturated Disney ash trips. The visions are much darker these days. The side effects of unlicensed ash are beautifully grotesque. We’re headed down some deep, dark holes, and this art team strikes an insane balance between dark, dismal reality and increasingly intense and twisted ash trips.  
Bone Parish is a powder keg set to blow. All the elements of crime drama, horror, and occult noir are coming together, in the most beautiful and disturbing ways possible. The conflicts have been steadily developing, and the awesome, disgusting pop is finally right around the corner.
Bone Parish #9, Boom! Studios, released 22 May 2019. Written by Cullen Bunn, art/cover by Jonas Scharf, color by Alex Guimaraes, letters by Ed Dukeshire, variant cover by Jakub Rebelka.

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