Tony Stark: Iron Man #11 Unleashes The Godkiller

by Tony Thornley

Tony Stark has been questioning everything since the beginning of Tony Stark: Iron Man and much of that comes to a head in the middle of the action of the latest issue. It asks a question that superhero comics often don’t- is a resurrected superhero the same person as before their death?

Cover by Alexander Lozano

Dan Slott, Jim Zub, Valero Schitti, Edgar Delgado, and Joe Caramagna set up the big events of the next phase while throwing down with the foes of the past year.

The Controller’s plans are in shambles but Tony Stark is still missing. However, a last minute save brings him home just in time to deal the final blow to the Controller with the most powerful armor he’s ever built- the Godkiller. The victory highlights everything Tony’s been fearing though – is he really Tony Stark, or is he just a complex Xerox?

Slott and Zub write a story that’s equal parts exciting action and emotional fallout. They give readers the action-packed conclusion they need while setting up future plotlines, but they don’t leave it there. No character leaves the story unchanged, in some cases for the better and others for the worst. The strongest storyline belongs to Rhodey though, who’s the emotional rock without discounting his own trauma.

Schitti is able to balance both tones extremely well. His eyes for action is well developed, keeping the action in motion, and playing with layouts, camera angles, and character placement to give it maximum impact. However, his work in the last few pages as Tony faces one of his worst demons is equally well done and has the same impact as the action scenes.

This has been one of the strongest years of Iron Man stories in recent memory, and I look forward to the team picking their story back up after War of Realms.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #11 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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