Operation Overlord: Omaha Beach Continues The Historic D-Day Series

by Richard Bruton

It’s June 1944 and D-Day is underway. Operation Overlord has begun as the Allies begin the long, hard, and bloody push through occupied France after the Normandy beach landings.

The best-selling Operation Overlord, published for the first time in English, brings you a dramatic and brutal view from all sides of this pivotal moment in the history of WWII.

In Volume 2 of Operation Overlord, Omaha Beach, we switch between the experiences of those in charge, and those on the ground, the young men whose lives would never be the same again. With characters from both the Allied and German sides, Operation Overlord gives you a dramatised but factual based look at the horrors of the D-Day landings.

American war photographer, Robert Capa, captures the terrible events through his lens, and you’ll follow the experiences of an American naturalised German and a group of young German soldiers forming part of Rommel’s defense of the Normandy front. All will see indiscriminate killing that turns the sands of Omaha beach blood red.

The Operation Overlord series is created by the writer and artist team of Michael Le Galli, Davide Fabbri, and Christian Dalla Vecchia, with Domenico Neziti providing colours. First published by Editions Glenat in France, Rebellion are now bringing it to an English language readership, intending to print all 4 volumes.

Comicon.com is proud to bring you this preview of Volume 2 of Operation Overlord – Omaha Beach:

Operation Overlord Volume 2: Omaha Beach. Written by Bruno Falba, art by Davide Fabbri, Christian Dalla Vecchia, colors by Domenico Nezititi. Published by Rebellion, 26 June 2019.

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