Beyond The Grid Comes To A Close With An Epic Battle In MMPR #39

by James Ferguson

The evil Praetor stands tall with his forces, preparing to attack the Shattered Star, a planet made entirely of Zeo crystals. The Power Rangers have found enough energy to morph into new Solar Rangers by breaking the Solarix. Joined by the remaining Rangers in the Promethea, they’re ready for an all-out war with the fate of this galaxy – and their own – hanging in the balance. Beyond the Grid concludes here.

There’s a definite feeling of epic sci-fi adventure in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #39. This issue has it all, from big spaceships shooting lasers to alien tyrants to colorful warriors. Artist Simone Di Meo continues to astonish, bringing an incredible amount of energy to every single page. There are times you will swear you’re hearing a booming soundtrack from a blockbuster film in the background.

Di Meo mixes up the panel layouts so new two pages look alike. This creates a dynamic flow to the book as your eyes dart from side to side to take it all in. You really get the sense that this is the end for both sides. Everything is on the line and it all comes to this. They’re leaving everything on the court…or the alien planet.

The space fight explodes with bursts of color from Whitney Cogar. This is every bit the foreign galaxy with strange colored lights in the sky that are different from anything we see on our planet. This captures the essence of the multi-colored excitement that the Power Rangers have been known for for decades.

The action even extends to the lettering as Ed Dukeshire delivers some big, bold text to really drive home how heated this conflict is. It gets extra large during some key, jaw-dropping moments. This complements the sinister nature of Praetor’s speech which comes in a scratchy font in blue word balloons.

As intense as the action is, we’re not entirely invested in it. We only just learned about the Praetor’s origin and his intentions and they haven’t really sunk in yet. Similarly, the Solar Ranger, Ari, is still pretty new to us. The way this issue and this storyline wrapped up makes me wonder if it was cut short as it does feel like we went from zero to sixty in about an issue and a half. We were just getting to know some of these characters, some for the first time, before we were rushed into a big climactic battle.

This isn’t meant to be a dismissal of writer Marguerite Bennett’s work. She fills MMPR #39 with action, excitement, and most of all, hope. A slew of possibilities are opened up, not just with this previously unknown galaxy, but with these scattered Rangers as well. They have no idea what waits for them as they head back home or even if there’s a home to go back to. For all they know, the entire universe was destroyed in the battle with Lord Drakkon. We’re all about to find out what happens next and that’s a pretty riveting idea.

With how Beyond the Grid wrapped up and with the care publisher Boom! Studios has taken with this franchise, I would be willing to bet we’ll see these lost Rangers again soon. Their journey has come to an end for now as we’re returning to the OG team with the next issue. As it stands, they went on an epic and unforgettable journey through space, albeit one that was all too short.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #39 from Boom! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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