LGBTQ+ Comic, The Pride Season 2, Comes To ComiXology In Time For Pride Month

by Olly MacNamee

To coincide with Pride month, the second series of indie comic book creator Joe Glass’s LGBTQ+ comic, The Pride Season Two, is coming exclusively to ComiXology this Wednesday and we’ve not only got a sneak peek, but we’ll also have an interview for you coming, too.

The Pride Season Two comes courtesy of not only ComiXology but also in partnership with Queer Comix and will also see The Pride Season One and The Pride Adventures Season One available digitally too from June 5th. Here’s your first look at the debut issue from Joe Glass and illustrator by Cem Iroz with colors by Mark Dale and letters by Mike Stock ahead of our interview.

In a world populated by people with superpowers, FabMan (Tomorrow’s Fabulous Man, Today) feels a deep schism in the representation of his community and his own heroic exploits, which are often presented as fluff pieces in the news. Wanting to fight for change, he forms The Pride, the world’s premier LGBTQ+ supergroup – featuring a diverse range of characters representative of the broad LGBTQ+ spectrum, from gay, lesbian, bi and trans superheroes to non-binary, drag queen, HIV+, children of gay parents, and more. Together they fight to protect the world from prejudice, misrepresentation, and injustice, not to mention a pesky supervillain or two!


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