Dark Season 2: Germany’s Stranger Things If Filmed By Werner Herzog Returns To Neflix

by Olly MacNamee

Back at the tail end of 2017, while everyone else was losing their collective minds over Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror in its first Netflix commissioned series, I came across Dark, a German Scandi Noir flavoured lo-fi sci-fi that dealt with time travel, but in a way that I’d never come across before. Stranger Things, if seen through the lens of Werner Herzog.
Well, its finally back, and the accompanying trailer reveals the whole saga will be played out over three seasons, with this being the start of ‘Cycle 2’. Roll on June 21st, although I did find more comfort and satisfaction watching it during the cold, grim winter months, which better reflected the encroaching mood of this mysterious and menacing series.
Read my review of the first series here and maybe catch up on the first one ahead of Dark, Season 2‘s release date in a couple of weeks. A programme that went under many people’s radars first time round, but deserved of a bigger audience.

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