E3 2019: More Info & Thoughts On Marvel’s Avengers

by Gary Catig

During the Square Enix press conference, the trailer for the upcoming, Marvel’s Avengers, closed out the presentation. The next day, the first of E3, there was a panel to provide more insight and details about the game. As seen in the trailer, The Avengers are celebrating A-Day in San Francisco, which coincides with the opening of a west coast HQ. The superhero team also have a helicarrier of their own, named Chimera, that is fueled by experimental technology. An attempted hijacking of this tech results in the destruction of the City by the Bay.
The all new, original story will focus on how each member deals with the guilt after the event. Though some of the initial response on social media to the trailer was toward the character designs, the creative team stands by their choices because they were putting their own spin on these popular heroes. They wanted to keep the costuming familiar but with slight changes to make them their own. An example is the slight alteration in Captain America’s shield.

For the actual game, they stressed non linear play allowing people to jump back and forth between the campaign mode and co-op missions. Also, the experience will expand with multiple content drops over the next few years of new heroes and regions, all free. Since the initial announcement included a special partnership with PlayStation, the creators were asked if there would be any cross over content with another Marvel game, Spider-Man. Though they could not comment on that, they did tease Hawkeye joining the team. Another character who will appear, which was revealed by the last clip, is Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man.
They also announced the voice cast for each Avenger. Jeff Schine will play Captain America, Laura Bailey will play Black Widow, Travis Willingham will play Thor, Troy Baker will play Bruce Banner and Nolan North will play Iron Man.

At the Square booth, there was also a special presentation of actual gameplay. The combat system was specifically designed to uniquely cater to each character and it was all on display in the demo. Taking place during the events of A-Day, control was switched between the members. Thor fought with his hammer as a melee weapon or thrown and also used special lightning attacks. He saved trapped civilians by quickly tapping the button indicated. Iron Man gave chase to enemies in jetpacks and fired pulse blasts and missiles to take them down. Hulk savagely beat his opponents by pounding them into submission and performing thunderclaps and ground stomps. One particularly amusing attack involved picking up an enemy and using him to club other foes. Captain America had good hand to hand combat attacks and used his shield to hit adversaries from a distance. Finally, Black Widow was used in the boss fight against Taskmaster. She used a combination of martial arts and a pistol to take the villain down and she could even turn invisible during the battle.
Overall, the panel and the demo only helped stir more interest in Marvel’s Avengers. Though a more hands on take is still needed for a better indicator of the title, the gameplay did look impressive and fun.

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