Dragon Ball Kakarot Brings Dragon Ball Fans The Life Story Of Goku

by Sage Ashford

The upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game from Bandai-Namco now has a long section of gameplay and an interview with developers from CyberConnect2 and Bandai-Namco, courtesy of IGN.
The section of gameplay starts out at the very beginning of Dragon Ball Z, with Goku trying to recover his son Gohan from his older brother Raditz with the help of his rival, Piccolo. The game is a true open world RPG, with the option for a number of side missions to help level up and face the actual story missions.  Over the interview, the developers stress this is intended to be one of the most expansive Dragon Ball games ever created. Though the trailer at Microsoft’s E3 seemed to imply that the story would end with Goku’s showdown against Frieza, this interview hinted that this would go beyond that point. Could the Cell and Buu Sagas be a possibility?   They wouldn’t say for sure, but it seems probable.
One thing that’s a bit more unsure is the chance of including some of the films’ storylines into the games.   When specifically asked about some of the movie storylines, the developers stress that this is the storyline of Goku in the Z television series.  Still, even if they aren’t in the game, it’s possible they could be added on through DLC at a later date.
There’s still plenty to potentially look forward to however, as paying attention to the gameplay seems to confirm Goku won’t be the only playable character, as Piccolo tags along during this and the developers talk about remaining as faithful as possible to the storyline, even when Goku is out of action or away training.   There’s also tons of easter eggs and fanservice, as Android 8 makes an appearance as a quest giver, Goku can fly normally or use his Nimbus cloud, and players will be able to collect items such as food or crystals, and even take on mini-games like fishing, all shown in the gameplay.
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2020.

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