E3 2019: Becoming The Sith Lord’s Right Hand Man In Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series

by Gary Catig

There are so many games and announcements at E3, that some titles can go under the radar. Considering the Star Wars name and VR lightsaber game play, I’m surprised that Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series, from ILMxLab, hasn’t received more attention. It is a three-part series that are equal parts immersive storytelling and striking interactive controls. The game being only available on Oculus Quest and not on consoles could be a reason for a lack of buzz. During the show, there was a panel spotlighting the first episode and teasing what’s to come in later.
The player assumes the role of a smuggler who is caught by Imperial forces right outside of Mustafar, the planet that houses Darth Vader’s fortress. Instead of being killed, the player is enlisted by the Sith Lord himself to carry out certain high-profile tasks. In order to help, the player is equipped with a lightsaber. There are two playable modes, the campaign and the lightsaber dojo. In the latter, players undergo the same rigorous training Vader uses to fine tune his skills. An army of droids attack and must be repelled. The difficulty level increases and the types of droids changes as each training is completed. There are over half a dozen different droids to battle and each successful completion unlocks different recognizable hilts and kyber crystals that can be used to change the lightsaber’s color.
Vader Immortal is currently out and on June 20, will be released on the Oculus Rift and Rift S. This version will be the highest quality version to date and will be cross downloadable. If you already own it on the Quest, you can download it to your Rift or Rift S for free. Now that the main character of the game is proficient with a lightsaber, the team stated the next installment will focus on using the force. Could you be on your way to becoming Darth Vader’s next Sith apprentice?

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