Wonder Twins And Dial H For Hero Extended To 12 Issues

by Olly MacNamee
The twins fist-bumping on hearing the good news. I imagine.

Good news for those of us reading either Dial H For Hero or Wonder Twins from DC Comics’ newish imprint, Wonder Comics. Paste magazine had the scoop (shame it’s about to be shut down really) with Dial H For Hero’s writer Sam Humphries stating the following:

Going from six-issue mini-series to a 12-issue maxi-series is so improbable these days—you’d need a glowing red phone and a mysterious H-Dial to pull off a transformation like that!

He’s not wrong. So, to hear that not one, but two titles are re-upping for an extended tour-of-duty is music to my ears. And eyes, of course. After all, the is comics we’re talking about.

Meanwhile Russell commented on his plans for the next six issues:

The next six issues of Wonder Twins will be, like the past six, part superhero deconstruction, part after school special. What I love about writing the Wonder Twins is that it gives me a chance to write about the here and now, about the ass-crushed world we are leaving to young people, while simultaneously letting me travel back in time to tell my old teenage self what I wished somebody had told me then.

Excellent. More of what I like about Russell’s writing and this particular book.

For anyone living under a rock, Dial H For Hero is written by Humphries with art by Joe Quinones (Howard the Duck), while Wonder Twins is written by Mark Russell and illustrated by Stephen Byrne. You can read up on my reviews of the latter series (and an interview with Russell) here, and see what you’ve missed so far. Although, something tells me both these titles first arcs will be out in trade paperbacks soon enough.

Congrats to both creative teams for the good news.

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