E3 2019: A Video Game Related Haul

by Gary Catig

Another E3 has come and gone and gamers have much to look forward to in the future after all the announcements. Out of all the shows I have attended, from cons to professional societies, the premier video game expo is one of the best to grab freebies. They had good mix of typical giveaways and some that were surprising. Also, is it sad or genius to consult a Reddit post to find the best stuff? Hoping there’s a post for SDCC next month.
Con stalwarts, shirts and pins were regularly given out. The one I enjoyed the most is the history of Sega T-shirt that shows a timeline of all the hardware the company developed. Since the EA event was outdoors, they provided items to beat the summer heat like sunglasses and an umbrella hat. They could come in handy for other summer shows that involve outside lines.

Taking a closer look at the smaller stuff, Nintendo had great swag. There was a three-pin set of the starter Pokémon for Sword & Shield, a bright mini-flashlight for Luigi’s Mansion 3 and a keychain for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. The Finn minifigure for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was a good pick up too.

I received a fair amount of prints considering this wasn’t a comic convention. There was one for Gears 5 and opening up the Borderlands 3 folder, there were multiple ones. They were all good quality featuring the Psycho character with some even inspired by classic art.

Something on the more unconventional side was from Marvel’s Avengers. They handed out an Avengers decorated lanyard and a “confidential” dossier. Inside were files on each of the main characters.

Finally, the nicest giveaway was for the game Dying Light 2. Developer, Techland, provided mini statues of the main character, Aiden Caldwell. The quality of the figure was good enough to warrant lugging the box around the show for the day.

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