Balance Negotiations With Card-Based Combat In ‘Griftlands’

by Sage Ashford

During the PC Gaming Show at E3, developer Klei Entertainment showed off a glimpse of their upcoming title, Griftlands.  Though Griftlands was announced during E3 2017, it dropped off the map for a while until it’s re-debut here.  Since it last appeared, the game has made a shift from traditional combat to a deck-building game.  Everything from negotiation to the battles in the game comes down to proper use of the deck the player has created.
Boasting beautiful cartoon-like designs, in the world of Griftlands, the player’s goal is to find their fortune while surrounded by pirates and mercenaries.  Players will need to find recruits to accomplish their goal, each of which has their own stories and questlines.
Griftlands will launch in June 2020, but an alpha is available on the Epic Game Store starting July 11th. No other platforms have been announced for the title yet.

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