ComiXology Releases Manga Titles: MARS And You’re My Pet

by Olly MacNamee

Comixology are bringing back two Manga titles with a large enough back catalogue of books to offer new readers, and current fans, the chance to catch up digitally with the release of MARS and You’re My Pet.

As well as a preview of both titles here’s a lowdown on both titles:

MARS by Fuyumi Soryo (15 volumes)

Superpopular motorcycle racer Rei and shy, neurotic art student Kira are worlds apart … until one fateful day brings them together. Rei stumbles upon Kira in the harassing hands of her sleazy art teacher and saves the quiet girl from his clutches. And when the resident school pretty boy plants a kiss on a statue of Mars in the studio, Kira finds herself drawn in and even summons up the nerve to ask him to model for her!


You’re My Pet by Yayoi Ogawa (14 volumes)

Life was good for Sumire Iwaya … until the day she discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her. She gets demoted at work and her life spirals toward the dumps. Things take a turn for the better when she crosses paths with Momo, a handsome-but-homeless guy with a colorful past who puts a bounce in her step and a shake in her hips. It takes two to tango, but when Sumire’s first love reappears in her life, will this be the last waltz?

Both titles are available now on ComiXology.

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