X-Force #9 Shows Hell Hath No Fury Like A Phoenix Scorned

by Tony Thornley

For the last eight issues X-Force has been in pursuit of two people – Cable and Rachel Grey. In the series penultimate issue, they come the closest they have so far, but can the team survive the experience?

Cover by Valero Schitti

Ed Brisson, Dylan Burnett, Jesus Abuterov, and Cory Petit bring the team face to face with Styfe and one step closer to their goal.

The team is neck deep in their confrontation with the Mutant Liberation Army, with the fate of the Askani on the line. Meanwhile, Rachel fights back against Stryfe’s control. Can they rescue Cable, and whose side will Rachel be on?

Brisson continues to deliver on the promise of the concept. I’m genuinely disappointed that the series is ending next issue, as he’s found his footing. His depiction of the various members of the team is emotionally resonant, while still working as a great action story. He also gives Rachel the moment she needs, pulling her away from the years of torture and towards the agency she needs as a character.

Burnett’s also found his footing in the series. He has a great sense of who the characters are, selling both emotional and humor beats with simple tweaks of a facial expression or body language. He also has a great eye for the action, using unconventional layouts to keep the pace up, while using unusual camera angles to draw us into the page. Abuterov uses mostly flat colors, but it actually helps this future world feel more alien and the characters more relatable.

Domino and crew have one more issue to save the future. We’ll see if they can make it through unscathed.

X-Force #9 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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