Dynamite Entertainment Collects Gail Simone’s Red Sonja Run In Hardcover Omnibus

by James Ferguson

If you missed out on Gail Simone’s epic run on Red Sonja, you’ll soon have a way to read it all in one place. Dynamite Entertainment is collecting the whole thing in an oversized hardcover omnibus this September. Featuring artwork by Walter Geovani, the Red Sonja by Gail Simone Omnibus collects Red Sonja #0-18 along with all the series covers including work from Jenny Frison, Nicola Scott, Fiona Staples, Amanda Conner, Stephanie Buscema and more.

Writer Gail Simone says:

Dynamite essentially said I could do any book I wanted, and I was frankly leaning towards Vampirella a bit. And my mom, who doesn’t read comics, begged me to take Red Sonja. We’re both redheads, and for some reason, Sonja meant a lot to her, something about a woman with red hair who takes no $#!+ from anyone really resonated. I wanted a Sonja who was bawdy and crass and a bit of a hot-blooded wild child. We see this kind of male character often but they’re still pretty rare for females to this day. The idea that this Sonja sometimes gets a little dirty and smelly and can STILL throw down hard made me happy. But it was artist Walter Geovani who made her one of my all-time favorites. He could draw whatever complex emotion I requested, and I learned to trust him and love him like few other artistic partnerships I have been blessed to be part of. I’m proud that we helped put a shine on her chain-mail bikini again. I adore her, I adore Walter, I adore the wonderful team at Dynamite and I love everything about Sonja.

The omnibus clocks in at 528 pages and measures 8.2 by 12.2 inches. It features a dust jacket and a cover by Frison. This run gave the fantasy heroine a new attitude, revamping her origin story and supporting cast.

Artist Walter Geovani adds:

When Gail came aboard, I had already been working on Sonja books for about 5 years, but she made me feel like I was drawing something new. One thing I remember is that a Brazilian fan wrote to me saying that he had counted more that 100 Sonja cosplayers and he had never seen so much of them before Gail became the writer. I think this proves how the popularity of the character grew so much, and I am proud of being part of that.

Look for the Red Sonja by Gail Simone Omnibus at your local comic shop in September 2019.

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