It’s Humanity’s Last Chance In Infinite Dark #7

by Tony Thornley

Nihilism is present everywhere in our world. However, in order to get through that, we need to have a sense of hope in the face of that. It’s amazing, then, how Infinite Dark #7, a story about the last of humanity facing the possible end of their existence, is so applicable to that modern world.

Cover by Nick Robles

Ryan Cady, Andrea Mutti, K. Michael Russell, and Troy Peteri reach the penultimate chapter of the second arc, as tensions boil over on the Orpheus.

Deva faces one of Entropy’s minions outside the Orpheus, while tensions escalate inside the station. One of the biggest ignition points is surround Sm1th, the station’s AI, which several crewmen have to decide whether to allow to live or deactivate. Can the Orpheus survive or will Entropy ultimately triumph?

It’s amazing the tone that Cady can strike here, which is very similar to the first arc. At first we get dread and a sense of nihilism, then gradually build up to a triumphant sense of hope. The nihilistic streak is still present, as what the crew is doing is clearly a gamble, which Cady makes clear, but there’s a sense that the crew has better chances that we might have initially thought.

Mutti has made some interesting shifts through the course of the series. Where the series started with a sketchy and chaotic style, he’s moved into a much more detailed line (except when one of the monsters is in-panel), but still is able to convey the chaos and hopelessness the crew is feeling by using unsteady camera angles and extremely unconventional layouts. Russell still does a lot to convey mood and changes in scene with his colors.

A special shout out has to go to Peteri, who does a lot to help set the scene and change moods. A major highlight is Sm1th’s death, as he shrinks the bubbles and fonts as the AI “dies” which adds so much amazing pathos to Cady’s script.

Will the Orpheus survive? We’ll find out in the next issue!

Infinite Dark #7 is available now from Image Comics/Top Cow Productions.

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