New Trailer Appears for My Hero Academia Season 4

by Sage Ashford

Toho Animation has revealed a new trailer for the fourth season of Kohei Horikoushi’s hit shonen manga, My Hero Academia. Following up on many of the storylines of season three, this season will see the heroes’ battle to survive in a world without the Symbol of Peace, All Might. Class 3-A will continue their adventures alongside the Big 3, the strongest upperclassmen at U.A. High School. This season will see 3-A asked to go on a Work Study program, which will lead to many of the classmates going on a rescue mission where they’re forced to confront Overhaul and his people, a new group of villains in the form of the Japanese yakuza, forgotten in the new era of superheroes and villains.

My Hero Academia S4 begins on October 12th.

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