Hanzo And Earthquake Arrive In SNK’s Samurai Shodown

by Sage Ashford

As the revival of classic fighting franchise Samurai Shodown draws closer and closer, SNK has begun to ramp things up with the reveal of more fighters to the game’s roster.  This time around they’ve added the ninja Hanzo and gigantic ball and sickle brawler, Earthquake.

Hanzo relies on a katana for his primary weapon, but also uses the misdirection of a proper ninja, appearing behind his opponents to get in extra combos and damage.  He also seems to have usage of fire spells.

Meanwhile despite his size, Earthquake appears almost deceptively fast.  He takes advantage of how large he is along with the range of his weapon to deal damage, and breathes fire on his opponents.

Samurai Shodown is available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 25th, with players who buy the game before June 30th getting access to the game’s season pass for free as well. For Nintendo Switch and PC, the game will release later in the year.

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