Todd MacFarlane To Draw Pages In The Record Breaking Spawn #301 From Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

We’ve told you the plans for Spawn #300, but now we’re hearing that Todd McFarlane will be drawing Spawn #301 (well, part of it), which will  mark the series as the longest running creator-owned book in America. That’s some feat, with McFarlane explaining his desire to draw this landmark issue in press release from Image Comics:

I could think of no better reason to return to the drawing board than to celebrate the record-breaking 301st issue of the Spawn comic. Twenty-seven years ago, I began this journey on the Spawn title. That start, along with helping to co-found Image Comics, (today the third largest comic publisher in the nation) was with the goal of allowing creative people to own and control their ideas.

How much of this monumental issue he’ll actually be drawing is not exactly explained other than he’ll be drawing “interior story pages” alongside Greg Capullo, Jason Shawn Alexander, Clayton Crain, Jerome Opeña and Francesco Mattina in this 48 page issue. That’s a pretty damn fine line-up of artists, so even if he only ends up drawing a double-page spread, there’s still quality to be had in the rest of the issue.

Spawn #301 is out September 25, 2019 from Image Comics.

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