First Look: Fairy Gone Season 2’s Promotional Video

by Sage Ashford

A new promotional video has been released for the second season of the Spring anime series, Fairy Gone.

An original anime series, Fairy Gone takes place in a world with fairies who often inhabit the bodies of animals, gifting them with special techniques. Aware of this, humans begin taking the organs from animals and placing them into human bodies to transfer those powers. These individuals are known as “Fairy Soldiers”, and find themselves plunged into war for years. Afterwards though, these same soldiers find their way off the battlefield and into normal society, becoming everything from mafia members to joining the government.

Fairy Gone takes place nine years removed from the war, and follows “Dorothea”, a group who’ve given themselves to keeping the remaining “Fairy Soldiers” from causing too much trouble to the rest of society.  The series focuses on lead character Marlya, a young woman looking for the only surviving member of the massacre of her home town, her best friend Veronica Thorne.  Her actions in searching for Veronica lead to her both joining Dorothea and gaining the power of a fairy, as they used to inhabit her hometown.

Fairy Gone is scheduled to begin it’s second season during the fall in October.

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