Samurai Shodown Adds Kyoshiro And Wu Ruixiang

by Sage Ashford

SNK continues to release character trailers featuring roster members of their latest fighting game, Samurai Shodown.  This time around, they’ve added Kyoshiro and Wu Ruixiang.

Kyoshiro Senryo is a kabuki warrior utilizing a naginata for both attack and defense, though it seems as if he’s also capable of catching his opponent’s weapons as a method of blocking attacks, can breathe fire, and summon a toad to help out during his matches which appears to swallow his opponents before spitting them back out.

Next up is Wu Ruixiang, a clumsy young woman who nonetheless appears to be a fierce fighter, and a newcomer to the Samurai Shodown world.  She utilizes zoning to an extent, as her primary weapon is her shield.  It can deflect attacks, reflect attacks, and be used in close range combat. But she also appears to have traps she can activate which rely on various elements–stone and wood.   She also appears to be capable of summoning a giant shenlong dragon.

These are the sixteenth and seventeenth characters to join Samurai Shodown’s growing roster.

Samurai Shodown releases for the PS4 and Xbox One on June 25th, and will release for the PC and Nintendo Switch later in the year.

Sage Ashford

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