Catching Up With Old Dead Friends: A Look At Ghost Tree #3

by Olly MacNamee

Ghost Tree has been a beautiful, supernaturally-charged, warming Japanese ghost story so far, that sees the prodigal son, Brandt, of a rural family returning home, as well as running away from his own problems back in America, only to find he shares the gift of being able to communicate with the spirit world, just as his grandfather before him. And, in this issue, we have his ex-girlfriend – now dead –  return to catch up with our hero. Its a series too good not to shout about, so do stick around and check out our preview of Ghost Tree #3 out this Wednesday, June 26th, from Bobby Curnow, Simon Gane, Ian Herring, Becka Kinzie and Chris Mowry.

A sinister force grows in strength as Brandt discovers more secrets about his past and his family’s connection to the Ghost Tree. Will Brandt be able to discover his true purpose in Japan in time to save himself?


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