Disney Announces Avengers: Endgame Home Video Dates

by Erik Amaya

While Disney prepares to package all things Marvel Studios into its Disney+ streaming service, individual home video sales still matter. Consequently, the company’s home video division announced the release dates for the digital and disc releases of Avengers: Endgame Wednesday morning.

According to EW, the film will hit digital platforms on July 30 while physical copies arrive on August 13th. Special features will include a tribute to the late Stan Lee, a look back at Robert Downey Jr’s casting as Tony Stark, examinations of Captain American and Black Widow, a look at the A-Force moment late in the film and a few other surprises.

Of course, the film will also be on Disney+ when the service launches on November 12th. But it is clear the more traditional home video markets still bring in revenue, so if you still invest in disc media, this is probably worth your while. For those switching to stream-only, your grand re-watch of the Infinity Saga will have to wait a little longer. Also, you’ll probably still need copies of the two Spider-Man films from a Sony-allied service. Or, you know, disc copies.

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