Eve Takes No Bull: Preview Eve Stranger #2 By Barnett, Bond & Black Crown

by Olly MacNamee

It’s a busy week for writer David Barnett who sees two title released from Black Crown. As well as Punks Not Dead London Calling #5 we also have his sci-fi thriller, Eve Stranger #2 with art from Philip Bond (Tank Girl); Momento but with spies and hi-tech gadgets. We catch up with Eve in Pamplona, Spain, getting in on the local tradition of bull running.

Eve Stranger can do anything thanks to the nanotech that she has to inject every week to stay alive… anything except remember who she is or where she’s been. Her talents sold by the shadowy E.V.E. Project to the highest bidder, Eve’s latest mission finds her on the run in Pamplona, Spain. High-octane adventure, weird science, and doomed romance meet the jet-set in “Retrograde”!

Eve Stranger #2 is out June 26th from Black Crown and IDW.

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