Ahoy Comics’ Steel Cage #1 Asks For Fans To Vote On Their Favorite Strip

by Olly MacNamee

Steel Cage #1 from Ahoy Comic is an anthology title, but one with a difference. It’s asking the readers to vote on their favourite of three different stories from the creative teams of Mark Waid/Laura Souvanny, Tom Peyer/Alan Robinson, and Stuart Moore/Peter Gross with voting lines open until July 12th for any slower readers out there. The winner will level-up and into they very own solo series, so there’s all to play for and everything to lose.

Here’s the humorous defenses, by the different creative teams, for their stories:

From Stuart Moore (Captain Ginger) comes this statement:

I mean, let’s get real, when you come home from a hard day at the Soylent Green plant and rip open your comics bundle, what do you want to read about? A kid in a zoo? A SUPERHERO? No—you want to read about the smartest guy in the world! Bright Boy for the win!

Meanwhile Ahoy Comics’ Editor-in-Chief, Tom Peyer, had this to say in defense of his own co-created strip in the comic, while trash-talking his opponents:

When I read Bright Boy or Noah Zark—and I’ve been reading both stories obsessively—my head is tilted as if to say, ‘what an adorable, childlike attempt to prevent the inevitable victory of Alan’s and my True Identity.’ And then I shed a tear, because there’s something deeply sad about their efforts.

Finally, tag-teaming in and chiming up on this debate-of-the-century is Mark Waid (Kingdom Come),

As I look down from high above the Mount Olympus of legendary comic book writers, it amuses me to see the flailing True Identity and Bright Boy teams wander aimlessly in search of some sort, any sort of ladder with which to ascend by standing on the backs of their adorable ‘creations.’ Perhaps there will come a day when they find themselves privileged enough to sit before Lanna and I and bask in our boundless glory. Until then, we shall simply nibble on our ambrosia and laugh.

Looks like there’s no love lost in the ring as the bell sounds and it’s time for each team to come out of their corners and get down and dirty.

Who will you be voting for here?

Steel Cage #1 is out now from Ahoy Comics.

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