DeConnick And Rios’ Pretty Deadly Returns To Image Comics This September

by Olly MacNamee

Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel, Bitch Planet) and Emma Ríos’ (I.D., Mirror) mythic fantasy series, Pretty Deadly returns to Image Comics this September. Set I the golden era of Hollywood this series, entitled Pretty Deadly: The Rat, marks the halfway point in this unfolding saga.
Here’s DeConnick to explain more about her grand designs for this story and its characters:

The Rat tells a story of art, addiction, and loss, against a backdrop of an emerging Hollywood. Arc 4, The Butterfly, will look backward to reveal Alice’s origins, and Arc 5 will push the series to its conclusion in the Great Depression. I am so grateful to have this book, and Emma’s partnership, back at the forefront of my life.

Pretty Deadly: The Rat #1 will be available on Wednesday, September 4. The final order cutoff for retailers is Monday, August 12th.

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